Division of Design of Cyber-Physical Systems

Funded Projects

Currently (2018) running funded projects at the chair   


We develop methods for the more agile development and cooperation along the automotive value chain. We investigate both processes of cooperation and develop a tool that permits the continuous checking of consistency and properties within the requirements elicitation, specification and later development phase. Objective is to speed up the deployment of innovations in automotive systems. 



KvUiCPS (Kompositionalität von Unsicherheiten in Cyber-Physikalischen Systemen; fully industry funded)

We investigate how uncertainties - incomplete knowledge, context information, inaccurate models, uncertain use cases and environment - can be formalized. We develop methods that introduce this into the MBSE development process. In addition we investigate methods to use this information to assist the development of methods for self-diagnosis (OBD). 

VICINITY (EU H2020, Coordinator)

We work on methods that provide the Internet of Things (IoT) with "Interoperability as a Service". The project is part oft EPI (European Platform Initiative to support standardization and interoperability for the IoT. 


Completed Projects

We develop methods that significantly increase verification coverage in Analog/Mixed-Signal Systems (AMS Systems). For this purpose, we symbolically simulate circuits and systems in a symbolic way based on XAAF that join the properties of ROBDD (discrete symbolic simulation) with Affine Arithmetics (analog circuits and systems' symbolic simulation); running examples include PLL, Sigma-Delta Converter, and Buck Converters. 


We develop methods for modeling and simulation of electric vehicle infrastructure, including batteries and HW/SW systems for charging. 


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