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Dipl.-Ing. Frank Wawrzik

Building/Room :49-417
Telefon : +49 (0) 631 205 2657
Email :wawrzik[at]cs.uni-kl.de
Address :[KIS]


Research Interests:

  • Self-Aware Internet of Things
  • Foundations for Next-Generation Conceptual Modelling
  • Modularity, Contextuality, Evolution, Complexity, Chaos and Emergence
  • Systems Engineering
  • Ontology-based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Ontologies in general
  • Semantic Interoperability in the Internet of Things
  • Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Context Modeling

Master Thesis offered: 

Frank works with AVL, an Austrian engine test stand and automobile solution developer. Currently he offers the following thesis topics:

  • SysML-based Uncertainty Analysis (Currently the only topic!)

We also offer seminar topics and Ph.D. topics!

Further information and a more detailed description of the topics can be found here.

Teaching Assistant:

  • CPS Seminar (There are currently many offered, in various Fields of Artificial Intelligence, Ontologies and System Modelling of Cyber Physical Systems)
  • CPS Master Projects

Publications :


Further Research :

Frank also researches in the field of applied consciousness research.